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No. The MapMyApple application is intended for recommendations in apple cultivation. Our company’s vision is to develop applications for other fruit crops such as peach, pear, plum, cherry, apricot ….. So we hope to introduce MapMyPear, MapMyCherry, MapMyPeach, MapMyPlum…

The Free Trial period lasts 30 days. During this time, users have access to all the functionalities, after which we are sure that you will be convinced of all the benefits MapMyApple can bring to you and choose to continue using the application with a monthly subscription to one of our basic packages that best suits your needs.

MapMyApple is a mobile phone application that provides complete orchard control, from disease and pest prediction to dynamic orchard plans for daily work in the orchard (irrigation, watering, spraying). The MapMyApple app also provides accurate weather and satellite imagery of the orchards that indicate the vegetation health of the orchards and uses those images as inputs for the recommendations it provides.

Take a picture of a leaf or fruit that you suspect is infected, and MapMyApple will analyze images of a potential problem and in just a few seconds identify the disease or pest that has compromised your apples. After recognizing the disease and getting more detailed information about it, you will receive a tailored protection treatment ( means and spray amounts to be applied at appropriate time intervals).

The MapMyApple app is designed for small to medium-sized apple growers with an average yield of 40t / ha. Our vision is to revolutionize fruit growing and make expert knowledge of agronomists available to small and medium-sized growers and help them become champions in apple growing, achieving yield from 65 to 70t / ha.

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