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Weather station FreshAgri

A weather station can greatly contribute to more effective protection against diseases and pests. It will help you easily monitor the temperature and humidity in your orchard where pathogenic diseases are created.

A weather station can help you to:

Protect the orchard in a timely manner

Irrigate more efficiently

Keep track of humidity and temperature 

Monitor rainfall and adjust irrigation accordingly

Our weather station is:

Flexible and reliable

Easy to install


Connected to the MapMyApple mobile app

Sensor Resolution Range Precision
Air temperature 0.5 °C -55 °C do 125 °C 0.5 °C
Relative humidity 0.1% 0% do 100% 3%
Leaf wetness 0.1% 0-100% ±3%(0-50%),±5%(>50%)
Soil moisture (up to 2 depths) 0.2% 0% do 50% vWC 3%
Soil temperature 1 °C -20 °C do 85 °C 1 °C
Rain amount 0.25 l/m2 0.25 l/m2 0.25 l/m2

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