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MapMyApple weather station

MapMyApple weather station provides timely information on the current weather conditions directly on your phone. Effective in the most demanding conditions, the station is fully integrated with the MapMyApple application, allowing you to view and store data on your phone – everywhere, at any time.

Protect the orchard timely

Irrigate more efficiently 

Keep track of humidity and temperature 

Monitor rainfall and adjust irrigation accordingly

Our weather station is:

Flexible and reliable

Easy to install


Integrated with MapMyApple mobile application

Sensor Resolution Range Precision
Air temperature 0.5 °C -55 °C do 125 °C 0.5 °C
Relative humidity 0.1% 0% do 100% 3%
Leaf wetness 0.1% 0-100% ±3%(0-50%),±5%(>50%)
Soil moisture (up to 2 depths) 0.2% 0% do 50% vWC 3%
Soil temperature 1 °C -20 °C do 85 °C 1 °C
Rain amount 0.25 l/m2 0.25 l/m2 0.25 l/m2

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