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The MapMyApple platform helps horticultural consultants predict the appearance of diseases and pests and control all orchards in one place

How the MapMyApple platform works?

The MapMyApple platform helps horticultural consultants predict the appearance of diseases and pests and control all orchards in one place.
  • Unlimited number of clients whose orchards you can follow in one place
  • Diseases and pests forecast reveals when there is a danger for each orchard individually
  • You and your clients receive a warning up to 7 days in advance
  • MapMyApple saves your time and creates recommandations automatically
  • MapMyApple algorithm can create a recommendation for you, which you can later deliver to the grower. Grower receives it in the MapMyApple application on the phone.
  • You can also create your recommendation from 0 and send it to the grower

MapMyApple is your safest choice for orchard protection

A safer future

Who says that tradition and modern don’t go together? We want to preserve the traditional relationship between horticultural consultants and growers, while at the same time helping them make more precise decisions and ensure a more secure future for their successors.

No surprises in the orchard

Don’t just rely on experience and feeling anymore. Let your decision be supported by accurate meteorological data. An early disease and pest risk forecast is now available to you.

Everything one place

Forget about using the notebook and various applications so that your recommendation reaches the manufacturer. We create a recommendation that the horticultural consultant can supplement and send immediately. The grower confirms with one click that he has fulfilled the task.

No hours wasted

Forget the hours and hours spent analyzing and planning for optimal protection. You will get a ready recommendation, created by our expert consultants and save time.

What do you get on the MapMyApple platform?

  • Find out in time if there are risks of apple scab, fire blight, powdery mildew, sooty blotch and codling moth for each orchard separately
  • Create recommendations quickly and safely based on the time and infection forecast
  • If there is a problem with humidity in your orchard, you can identify it by using satellite imagery
  • Track daily weather forecasts

How MapMyApple works?

We collect meteorological data which we further analyze in detail and make decisions..

A certain duration of leaf moisture and temperatures in a certain range area clear sign to us that it is time for protection

Then we send you a warning about the possible infection and the severity of the infection

We understand when you think about the choice of preparation and concentration, so we give you advice on the choice of active substances. Also, we recalculate the required consumption of water and preparation for you.

3 simple steps to the healthier orchards

Register on the MapMyApple platform

Add all your growers

Follow disease warnings and quickly create recommendations that reach the manufacturer immediately

Ensure the health of the orchard in advance

Join the hundreds of satisfied growers and horticultural consultants that are using MapMyApple products.

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