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MapMyApple is a mobile app that helps apple growers to predict diseases and pests and react on time with reliable consultant advice.

Who need MapMyApple application?

Apple growers who don't have their own horticultural consultant.

MapMyApple is your personal horticultural consultant who looks after your orchard 24/7 by providing:
  • The prognosis of diseases and pests reveals when your orchard is in danger
  • Warning up to 7 days in advance
  • Based on the risk forecast and the severity of the infection, our horticultural consultants create an optimal spraying program for you, with which you can save up to 600 eur / ha.
  • In the MapMyApple application on your mobile phone, you get a simple advice from our horticultural consultants when and what to treat.
  • All performed treatments are immediately entered in the work diary, which you can download from the MapMyApple application

For growers who have their own horticultural consultant

Preserve the traditional relationship with your horticultural consultant, and use MapMyApple to get reliable advice faster:
  • Diseases and pests forecast reveals when your orchard is in danger.
  • You and your horticultural consultant receive a warning up to 7 days in advance
  • Taking into account the predicted risk and the severity of the infection, your horticultural consultant creates a spraying program by accessing the MapMyApple platform.
  • You can see recommendations created by your horticultural consultant in the MapMyApple application on your phone.
  • You get your horticultural consultant quickly, whenever you need an advice

How MapMyApple works?

We collect meteorological data which we further analyze in detail and make decisions..

A certain duration of leaf moisture and temperatures in a certain range area clear sign to us that it is time for protection

Then we send you a warning about the possible infection and the severity of the infection

We understand when you think about the choice of preparation and concentration, so we give you advice on the choice of active substances. Also, we recalculate the required consumption of water and preparation for you.

What do you get in the MapMyApple app?

3 steps to a healthy orchard

Install the MapMyApple application on your mobile phone

Create your account in a few steps

Follow the warnings and advices that MapMyApple gives you regularly

What do MapMyApple users say?

Ensure the health of the orchard in advance

Join the hundreds of satisfied growers and horticultural consultants that are using MapMyApple products.

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