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What is MapMyApple?

MapMyApple is a user-friendly, mobile application that supports
apple growers by equipping them with daily recommendations for
orchard management, to help them achieve higher yields and better
apple quality.

Optimal treatments for your apple

MapMyApple gives daily recommendations for performing individual activities in the orchard, according to the stage of growth of your apples, and weather data from the orchard.

Work diary

MapMyApple enables logging and storage of fertigation, irrigation and spraying activities

Protection plan
MapMyApple provides you with recommendations for the use of the most effective pesticides with minimal residues on the fruits, through the system of integrated pest management
Fertigation plan
MapMyApple provides a daily plan for the use of the required active substances in each phenophase specifically
Irrigation plan
MapMyApple recommends when and how optimally to irrigate

3 steps to results

Free installation Download the MapMyApple app through Google Play and App Store

Set up your accountEnter basic information on the variety, year of planting, current phenophase, and mark the location of the orchard on the map

Track your daily recommendationsTrack your agro-measures on a daily basis and submit information on work performed that will influence the optimal creation of plans for the coming days

Orchard satellite images

As soon as you enter the location of your orchard, you will get a visual representation of your orchard, based on vegetative difference index, in the form of a satellite image.

The vegetative difference index is an indicator that assesses whether the object under observation contains green vegetation.

Satellite images are updated every 7 days, giving users the ability to spot changes and recognizes the danger of arid fields up to 2 weeks before the human eye could do!

3 steps to healthy a orchard

Find out what’s going on in your orchardUse camera within MapMyApple app, and take a picture of the apple part you suspect is infected (tree, leaf, fruit)

Early diseases and pests recognitionMapMyApple analyzes your images and immediately detects pest or disease in question

Timely protection treatment After identifying pest or disease, you will get a protection recommendation


thousands of satisfied
apple growers

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