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What is MapMyApple?

The MapMyApple mobile app helps you anticipate risks in the orchard and react in a timely manner.

A mobile phone and one click a day is enough to find out whether there are diseases or pests in your apple orchard

MapMyApple is your safest choice for protecting orchard


Accurate forecasts will warn you up to 7 days in advance when your orchard is in danger of pests and diseases


Maintain the yield and quality of apples at a high level by regularly monitoring the conditions for the occurrence of infection and proper protection.


Don’t let pests and diseases ruin your long-term investment in a healthy plantation – prevent them!


Custom advices for optimal spraying will save up to 500 eur/ha in your pocket on average

How MapMyApple works

We collect meteorological data, which we further analyze in detail and draw conclusions.

A certain duration of leaf moisture and temperatures in a certain range are a clear sign to us that it is time for protection.

Then we send you a warning about the possible infection and the severity of the infection

We also understand when you think about the choice of substances and concentration, so we give you advice on the choice of active substances, but we also recalculate the required consumption of water and preparation for you.

What do you get in the MapMyApple app?

3 steps to a healthy orchard

Install the MapMyApple application on your phone

Create your account in a few steps

Follow the warnings and tips that MapMyApple gives you regularly

What do MapMyApple users say?

Be always one step ahead of the competition

Download the app for free on your phone

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