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Questions about weather station

  • How do I order the weather station?

    On our website, go to Products > Weather Station, and click on the ’Order weather station’ button that will take you to the order form. Simply fill out the form with your details and someone from our team will contact you shortly.

  • When will my weather station arrive?

    We’ll deliver your station in no more than 20 working days from the transaction date.

  • Do I need to have internet access at my parcel location for the weather station to work?

    No, MapMyApple weather station is linked to the mobile app via SIM card that’s integrated in the weather station itself. The SIM card uses its own internet to connect to our server and deliver all the data you see in your app.

  • Do I need electricity for the weather station to work?

    No, MapMyApple weather station runs on solar power. It is equipped with the battery that stores enough energy to allow for uninterrupted performance even when sunlight is absent for longer period of time.

  • How to start using the app?

    In order to use the app, ensure your parcel location is covered by a mobile network. Download MapMyApple app from Google Play or App Store and register using email. Once in the app, you need to enter your parcel details. When you have completed all of the aforementioned, contact our support team to link your account to your weather station, and you’ll start seeing your live data.

  • Why should I buy a weather station?

    Here are the main benefits of using a weather station: 1. Access to real time weather data from your parcel 2. Orchard treatments in a timely manner 3. Saving money with efficient irrigation 4. Monitoring temperatures and leaf wetness to better understand if the conditions for disease development have been met.

  • What is the maximum reach of one weather station?

    MapMyApple weather station can work for a maximum of ~50ha, if the area is mainly flat.

  • How do I set up the weather station after purchase?

    Our engineers and agronomists deliver and set up the weather station for you. They will also provide you with a short training on how to use the app and will advise you on what to do if any of the sensors stop working.

  • Can I move the weather station from one location to another?

    Yes, you can move your weather station if necessary.

  • Questions about aplication

  • How is weather data collected?

    Weather forecast data are collected from local meteorological stations that are closest to the place of apple orchards, and we use YR weather forecast data.

  • What diseases and pests can I get a prognosis for?

    These are the most common diseases that attack the apple: apple scab, powdery mildew, sooty blotch and fire blight

  • How MapMyApple recognizes the conditions for the development of diseases and pests?

    Virtual meteorological stations have been set up at a couple of locations in Serbia, which monitor meteorological conditions and conditions for the occurrence of infection.

  • What is MapMyApple?

    How many times have you, as an apple grower, thought when you have a problem that I have a quality expert to solve the same, they would give everything. MapMyApple is your agronomist from whom you can get advice faster, easier and more convenient. Through the mobile application, our agronomists provide you with unlimited professional and technical support regardless of time and place. From now on your agronomist, advisor, expert is MapMyApple. There are no limits, no hidden, mysterious, all on time and for your success.

  • What are the specific benefits of using the MapMyApple application?

    The main goal of the MapMyApple application is to help you know in advance when your orchard is in danger of diseases and pests, thus optimizing the number of sprays and reducing costs. In addition, the MapMyApple application offers the expertise of domestic and international experts with many years of experience in apple growing, which is implemented in the application through protection plans that the application offers and which we adjust according to the conditions in your plant specifically.

  • How long is the trial period for using the application?

    The trial period for using MapMyApple application is 14 days.

  • Are the treatments suitable for placing products on foreign markets?

    With the treatments provided by MapMyApple, your fruit is healthy and suitable for marketing in markets that have the strictest quality control.

  • What can I use during the trial period?

    During the trial period, you get full access to our app. This includes agronomic recommendations, as well as possibility to directly contact agronomists for professional help. In addition, you get a satellite image of your orchard with the NDVI vegetation index.

  • Why do I need to pay for MapMyApple application?

    The subscription is a paid license to use the MapMyApple application, and it includes server and software maintenance costs.

  • Who's making plans for my orchard?

    Plans for your orchard are made by our experts in the field of fruit growing, agronomists Stefan Manja and Zoran Đogić. The recommendations and plans you receive through MapMyApple are based on the best knowledge and practice of experts from Delta Agrar and Cornell University in the United States.

  • How reliable are the recommendations and plans?

    The recommendations and plans you receive through MapMyApple are based on the best knowledge and practice of experts from Delta Agrar’s orchard and Cornell University in the United States.

  • On what principle are feeding plans given?

    Feeding the fruit through the leaves and through the ground is carried out in accordance with the needs of your plantation, at the right time, as well as with the phenophase and information we receive from your plantation.

  • How many parcels can I adjust?

    You can set more than one parcel.

  • How many varieties can I adjust?

    You can set more than one variety.

  • How many different devices can I access the application with?

    The application can be accessed from several different devices at the same time using the same user account.

  • Does the application eliminate the need to be present on the plot?

    No. The app and weather station are there to make the process of growing apples easier for you and to give you an insight into the situation when you are not there.

  • Can I get help from agronomists in emergencies?

    Yes. In case you use the option to report a problem in the application, our agronomist will contact you as soon as possible.

  • What is the price of MapMyApple application?

    The price of the MapMyApple service is 29,99$ per month.

  • Questions about web-platform

  • What is the MapMyApple Platform?

    MapMyApple Platform is a web tool intended for horticultural consultants for faster communication with producers and more precise protection planning. It helps agronomists to predict the occurrence of diseases and pests and control all orchards in one place.

  • How many fruit growers can I add as an agronomist on the platform?

    There is an unlimited number of growers whose orchards you can manage on the platform.

  • How do an agronomist and a fruit grower connect?

    The connection between the horticultural consultant and the producer is very simple. If you are an horticultural consultant, you can connect to an unlimited number of producers through the platform. Horticultural consultant can add an agronomist by inviting them via email to download the MapMyApple app. Also, growers in the app can invite agronomists via email to go to the MapMyApple Platform on the web.

  • Does the apple grower need to have the MapMyApple app on his phone?

    Yes. It is essential that the grower has a MapMyApple application installed on his phone.

  • How does the MapMyApple platform help me as a horticultural consultant?

    The MapMyApple Platform helps you make the right decision and provide the most accurate recommendations to the apple growers you manage. On the Platform you can follow precise graph of the risk of diseases and pests individually for each location, plan protection in time and send a recommendation to the growers quickly.

  • How much time does the horticultural consultant / grower have to react after receiving a warning that diseases or pests will appear in his orchard?

    The horticultural consultant and his grower receive a warning up to 7 days in advance. So they have more than enough time to react.

  • How much does the MapMyApple Platform cost?

    After a free 14-day platform trail period, some features remain forever unlocked and free while some are charged extra. The price for the full version of the MapMyApple Platform is $ 19.99 per month. However, MapMyApple Platform is billed annually for $ 240. However, if an agronomist connects 5 or more apple growers, the Platform is free for him.

  • Is my data secured?

    Yes. All our servers are hosted in secure and audited data centers. Also, all data is backed-up on a daily basis so your data is always safe.

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