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Reduce the risk of diseases and pests and react on time

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What is MapMyApple? ​

The MapMyApple mobile app helps you to predict risks in the orchard and react on time.
A mobile phone and one click a day is enough to find out if there are diseases and pests in your apple orchard and get advice on how to treat them at the lowest cost.

Who uses the MapMyApple app?

Whether you are a small or medium size apple grower or you are an agronomist by profession, we offer a solution that will help you to protect your apple orchard 100%.

Small and medium apple producers:

For growers who want to reduce costs and quickly get advice on when, how and with what to spray!

  • Check in advance, if there is a risk of apple scab,fire blight, powdery mildew or sooty blotch
  • Follow expert advice when, how and with what to spray
  • Calculate exactly the required water and active substances consumption
  • Replace excel spreadsheets with a simple record of work on the phone
  • Be part of the largest community of apple growers
  • Monitor the humidity in the orchard using a satellite images

Agronomy consultants

We know that plant protection is not an easy job. That is why we offer you a solution to predict the risks of pests and diseases faster and more accurately!

  • Check in advance if there is a risk of apple scab,fire blight, powdery mildew or sooty blotch
  • Be ahead of the competition with AI powered technology for early detection of pests and diseases
  • Rely on one reliable weather forecast which is designed for fruit growers
  • Monitor the humidity in the orchard using a satellite images


For large companies, we create a solution that is personalized and completely designed for the individual needs of the company.

  • Personalization of functionality in the application that suits the individual needs of the company
  • Simple record of work on the phone without the need to use excel spreadsheets and computers
  • Unlimited number of orders
  • Customer support and a dedicated assistant for using the application

MapMyApple is your safest choice for orchard protection


Accurate forecasts will warn you up to 7 days in advance when your orchard is in danger of pests and diseases


Maintain the yield and quality of apples at a high level by regularly monitoring the conditions for the occurrence of infection and proper protection.


Don’t let pests and diseases ruin your long-term investment in a healthy plantation – prevent them!


Custom advices for optimal spraying will save up to 500 eur/ha in your pocket on average

Savings you can measure

Fresh Agri weather station will help you to:
  • Always protect your orchard on time
  • Save through more efficient irrigation
  • Make the right decision based on the weather data from your orchard
  • Easily organize your work

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