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What is MapMyApple?

MapMyApple is a user-friendly, mobile application that supports apple growers by equipping them with daily recommendations for orchard management, to help them achieve higher yields and better apple quality.

Personalized program for your orchard

Work diary

MapMyApple enables logging and storage of fertigation, irrigation and spraying activities

Protection plan
MapMyApple provides you with recommendations for the use of the most effective pesticides with minimal residues on the fruits, through the system of integrated pest management
Fertigation plan
MapMyApple provides a daily plan for the use of the required active substances in each phenophase specifically
Irrigation plan
MapMyApple recommends when and how optimally to irrigate

Other features available to you

Recognize pest or diseaseUsing your mobile phone camera, you can quickly and easily detect different pests and diseases that attack your apples.
Get precise data from the orchardWeather station sends daily information about air and soil temperature, air humidity, precipitation, leaf wetness and wind speed and it’s easy to integrate into MapMyApple app.
Recognize dried fieldsUsing the location of your orchards, MapMyApple provides satellite images that accurately represent potentially arid fields.

How MapMyApple works?

MapMyApple came as a result of combining agronomist knowledge
and expertise, together with modern technologies.


thousands of satisfied
apple growers!

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